SVF Academy


SVF Academy is a new initiative, started in Fall 2018, to help strengthen students’ technical ability in regards to financial analysis, as well as investment knowledge. There is no application process or attendance policy for SVF Academy, as we intend for this to be a vehicle to make the fund more accessible to the general population at Northeastern. Many students who attend SVF Academy are outside of the business school, are underclassmen who came into college with relatively little knowledge of finance and the markets, or have an interest in finance but don’t have the time to dedicate to joining the general fund. In our first official semester of operation last Spring, we had 62 students sign-up and attend Academy. Of these students, 16 were women, which represents approximately 26%.

How it Works

SVF Academy is split into 10 sessions that cover a variety of qualitative and quantitative topics. A complete list of topics can be found below. We use a standardized template and example company for Academy sessions so all students are on the same page and can follow along with the Chief Development Officer. All materials, including blank and completed versions of the model, are distributed to all participants. In addition, last semester we also offered SVF Academy members the option to complete their own model on a company of their choosing and had either the CDO or another E-Board member review and offer feedback on their work. This semester we plan on doing the same, and are also encouraging students to complete a one-page stock pitch, in addition to their model, to also strengthen their qualitative investment knowledge.

Topics Covered

  • account_balance_wallet Accounting Crash Course
  • money Time Value of Money and WACC
  • trending_up Financial Projections
  • group_work Operating Model and Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)
  • compare_arrows Comparable Analysis (Comps)
  • donut_large Macro Company Analysis