Who Are We?


The Student Value Fund (SVF) is the premier investments focused organization on Northeastern University’s campus, with over $200,000 of the school endowment under active management. As an organization, we strive to embody Northeastern’s values of experiential learning through the application of theory into practice. Moreover, we foster growth within our members through extensive financial analysis, modelling, and pitching skills to best equip them for their professional goals. Our culture is one that is defined by a passion for the markets and eagerness to learn. First and foremost, we continuously develop as aspiring leaders of the financial world through teaching and mentoring each other. Members undergo extensive training during a semester on analyzing companies from a fundamental perspective and presenting attractive investment opportunities- culminating in final investment pitches. Proudly student-led, we invoke leadership abilities within our community that can be transferred to all aspects of our lives.

Our Mission

We seek to promote SVF as an education focused enviornment focused on our shared passion for investing. Students who invest in their time in SVF exponentially grow not only their knowledge of investing, but also their collegiate network.

Investment Philosophy

At Northeastern's Student Value Fund, we take a rigorous approach to identifying long-only investment opportunities that we perceive are undervalued. We look only at publicly traded stocks where we feel there is a significant mispricing between how the stock is valued in market, and where based on our analysis we think the intrinsic value of the company actually is.

Notable Job Placements

Our Alumni and current members have secured lucrative buy-side and sell-side positions at leading firms including: